Friday, July 21, 2017

Southport Maritime Museum

We like the free Maritime Museum at Southport too.  Isaac took his scavenger hunt very seriously and carried his clipboard around checking off the items as he found them.  He was very pleased to get his treasure box prize like his siblings.

We were all glad to get to the beach that evening.

Isaac and Anthony are presenting their drip castle here.  Can you hear the Angels singing?

Serious business.  

Wash all the sand off, buddy.

Southport Marsh Walk

I read about this little 1/8 mile walk and thought it would be worth checking out.  The price was right:  free

Behold the marsh lands.

Hey, Lia, stop and wave!

Can you see the white bird?

It was nice in the shade.

Oak Island Lighthouse

I always take the kids on an adventure during the Men's Luncheon and this year we decided to check out the local lighthouse.  We arrived too late to climb it so we just took some pictures. 

The beach here was empty.  Can you tell it is broiling hot?

Lia wanted to get her feet wet.

It's kind of a plain looking lighthouse... if it were mine, I'd add some color.

And onto the next stop.

Sunset and other beach loveliness...

Walking at sunset is the way to go!

My walking companions...

And my pretty girl let me take her picture.

1000 piece puzzle, check

Long Beach Olympics

Here are the relays from Friday, our last day.  Watch to the end for the big cousin silliness.

Long Beach Races

Races are every morning at 11am!  You run, you get candy.  My kids were there!

Isaac only needed me to run with him a few times.

Looks like Anthony is giving his younger cousin some pointers on how to run fast.

Go David!


Yes, that's my stinker.

And Moon Pies were the reward on the last day.