Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Emily's Intrest List

Emily, not to be outdone by her brother, came up with a list of things she was interested in and informed me I could check out books from the library on these topics:

1. microchips (ok... I really do have my work cut out here)
2. clocks (more specifically, the atomic clock)
3. oceans
4. Norway (her sweater came from Norway.... and so did the Vikings)
5. Bald Eagles (The Gail Gibbons book was interesting but too complicated and too long)
6. Penguins (She loved the penguin poetry book sister picked out, Arctic Antics
7. Saint Teresa of Avila, her saint name
8. History (more specifically, The Story of the World by Susan Bauer volume 2)
9. China (Daddy talks about China a lot)
10. Wind Turbines (Daddy talked about this on the way to school one day)
11. Indonesia (her dress came from there)
12. Artists
13. Electricity (Thank goodenss Elizabeth Foss already has recommendations from Alphabet Path for this one.
14. Atoms (oh my!)

Guess I have my work cut out for me... yet again! That is some List.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Penguin was lost...

Here is the last picture taken of Penguin before he was lost...

Here is Emily with her beloved Penguin on Saturday afternoon. We took this picture as we started our baking project for the day. Our family was invited to dinner with some friends and we wanted to bring cookies. As you can see, my lovely daughter and her penguin couldn't wait to get started!

Aren't these cute! Yes, they were supposed to be baked for Valentine's day... but we got a little busy. (imagine that)
We packed up our things and headed over to have dinner with the Vance family and had a wonderful time. They made us extra special hamburgers... with grilled onions and bacon... and sweet potato fries... Yum! And our 3 kids had fun running around with their 3 kids so all was good. Until we got home and realized we had forgotten Penguin at their house. Yes. Drama ensued. Emily was wailing, yes wailing, for her penguin. "Mommy, I won't sleep without my penguin!" This reminds me of Knuffle Bunny Too... (a cute book, same premise) A call was placed to the Vance family's house. A search began but penguin was not to be found that night. (He's a sneaky penguin...) In fact, Penguin was not to be found until Sunday night. Apparently, he got underneath a play tent in their little boy's room... very sneaky! So on Sunday night, the phone rang while we were eating dinner. And by the way, every time the phone rang during the time he was missing, everyone would gasp and say, "I hope that's our penguin!" The phone was answered, and we were informed that the penguin was found! And there was much rejoicing. Penguin was returned on Monday morning and reunited with Emily after school. Thank you so much to the Vance family for all their hard work to find that sneaky penguin!

Here is the sweet note Penguin was holding when he was returned.

A very happy, and relieved penguin Mommy. "I hope this never happens again!" Emily told me.

Friday, February 19, 2010

David's "Big Duck"

David has grown quite attached to his favorite stuffed animal, "Big Duck." Big Duck is his constant companion. During quiet time, David goes up to his room to play "House Games" with Duck... which means reading to him and making him a nice duck bed for his nap or just including Duck in his play. I think David loves "Big Duck" as much as Emily loves her "Penguin" and as much as Lia loves "Penguin" when sister is at school.

Today after lunch, we traced big duck onto some construction paper to make his portrait. It came out cute and David wants to hang it in his room.

Happy Baptism Day David

Today is the anniversary of David's baptism. We are going to celebrate it by sitting with his Godparents in church on Sunday and going out for lunch.

The Best of God's Creation

Emily's class put together a book called, The Best of God's Creation. Each child in the class contributed a picture and an essay. The book was bound and sent home yesterday. My daughter's contribution was beautiful. She drew a picture of herself praying in adoration in front of the blessed sacrament. She told us the black in the picture was for the shadows. Now I have taken her to adoration a couple of times but found it difficult to do with the little kids and have not made a habit of it... though perhaps I should! She went with her first grade class a few weeks ago and apparently it made quite an impression!

Little Lia Helper...

I'm back on my clean the house kick... and have been doing well with the 2 week cleaning rotations. It is all fine and good to have a plan... but the plan doesn't mean much if you don't do it! Anyway, Mondays are always for mopping half of the kitchen. I must say, it makes it all the more enjoyable when someone helps me. Lia is "ice skating" here. And Peg, if you are reading, we always refer to this outfit as, "Emma's clothes" And they are awfully cute on her... love the back flap pockets!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

All About David...

David finished his book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons... He is doing very well and is noticing written words everywhere. It has been cool to see the light come on for him. The most bizarre thing he is fascinated with are warning labels. He's out of control and reads warning labels everywhere we go. When we get in the car, he reads the air bag warning under the driver side sun visor... there are warning signs under the stepping stools at the YMCA... and at the post office he informs all who will listen that the warning sign says, No Guns Allowed!

Yesterday in the car, he gave me a list of topics that he wanted to find books all about... Here is my homework assignment.

Microchips (I'm having difficulty with this one!)

David watched his Daddy take apart our portable DVD player in an attempt to fix it after Emily spilled water on it... He was not successful... it is toast... but the circuit boards underneath were fascinating to both David and Emily and now they want to know all about them! Hmmmm.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Emily's Painting

Emily's was given an amazing art kit to encourage her love of painting. She sketched some flowers in her room and painted this on Sunday.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lia's Birthday Cake

On Sunday morning, we all went to church together and had lunch at our favorite Vietnamese noodle place... Yum! When we got home, we made our frosting and got ready to decorate the cake!I had thought we would frost our cupcake pink... but Lia very clearly informed us that she wanted the frosting to be yellow. So yellow it was! We added our yellow food coloring and got to work. Emily was excited to use her new frosting utensils (Thank you Peg!) and did a fine job icing our cupcake. Lia's job was to add the sprinkles... and you can see she is taking this job very seriously and placing each sprinkle precisely in its proper place.

Obviously, the more sprinkles the better. The kids all took turns putting on three different varieties of sprinkles!

I think David had fun. "Cheese!"

The final product!

We sang Happy Birthday to Lia again! She liked that. And then we ate the cake during the half time of the Super Bowl. Lucky Us!

Sat Feb 6 - Lia's #2 Birthday with Family

On Saturday we had a busy, busy day with our family. While I was at my baptism class in the morning, the water meter in front of our house broke and we had quite a leak flooding down the street. Luckily, Chris knew what to do and who to call. We lost a lot of water pressure in the house which prompted him to investigate... He estimated we lost about 2000 gallons! Someone was able to come out quickly to fix it and also adjusted our bill.... Thank goodness I have such a handy husband!

Aunt Stacey brought the coolest cake mold and had big plans for us to make a giant cupcake for Lia's Birthday. Here are the kids making the cake. They LOVE to help in the kitchen. I must give Stacey credit.... She managed three very eager children beautifully through the whole process. Each child even got to break their very own egg. We were all very excited about the cake!

It was cold... but beautiful outside. David wanted to show off his big wheel and ability to ride with no hands to his grandparents. Lia wanted to ride on the scooter... with help from her Aunt of course.

While the kiddos were outside, Emily was busy decorating our party room. She helped put out the tablecloth, tie balloons to the chairs, and make place settings so we would all know where to sit. Then she decorated the chairs with ribbons, made party signs, and a special crown for Lia and her little stuffed doggy to wear. She went all out for her sister. It was sweet.

The kids were treated to happy meals... you can see them stuffing there faces here. They were very happy.

Lia was definetly Grandpa's girl at the party. She kept going to him to be held and really enjoyed his "catch the spider" games.

The adults were treated to shrimp cocktail (thank you Mom and Dad!) and a comfort meal of pot roast, carrots, and mashed potatoes. We enjoyed opening the gifts... that's always fun! Lia got some books, cutie cute slippers, a college fund donation and the sweetest baby penguin. Oh yes, and Emily even wrapped up some of her own girly girl clips and a headband for Lia to open...

The cake took longer to bake than we expected... The final time was 1 hour and 15 minutes to bake! Since it took so long, we didn't have time to frost and decorate it... so we had ice cream for dessert. We made it special with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles. We even lit a candle and sung happy birthday. It was a very fun day!

Fri Feb 5 - Happy 10 Year Anniversary

We celebrated our ten year anniversary on Friday! We had a special night out at the Hubbel and Hudson Cafe and enjoyed a fabulous meal. Thank you so much to Stacey for watching the kids so we could enjoy an evening out alone! The kids got to have pizza, and watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with their favorite aunt, so everyone was happy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Valentine's Day boxes

I think I am finally up to date on this blog! David and Lia made their boxes this morning and Emily made hers when she got home from school. They came out so cute!

Drawing Lesson, Saturday Jan 30

Emily and I did another lesson from Drawing With Children by Mona Brooks. This time it was birds! We sent our drawing to Nana... Her bird Kiki was the inspiration for the colors we chose.

Here is Emily's masterpiece:

And mine:

Emily's 1st Grade Half Time Show, Tue Jan 26

The Kindergartners and 1st graders got to perform at the middle school basketball game. You can see her and her friend Rebecca above... they are very excited!

The Kindergartners went first and did a parachute show. The octopus went flying really high above us... it was a hit!

And the first graders danced for us... Emily is in the back row (in the white t-shirt) with all the moves!

David's School

David continues to be my star pupil... He does what I ask of him (for the most part) and always has a lot to say! We use Singapore Math and have enjoyed the lessons together. Singapore math does a really good job encouraging your child to tell you what he is doing and why. David really likes the "Look and Talk" lessons. Further, as his reading improves, he is able to read the instructions to himself. He is learning to use a ruler to draw straight lines above. It is tricky to hold the ruler steady!

We did a little origami in one of the lessons... he loved his little boat!

A little work sample.

Jan 18th - Martin Luther King Day

Emily had MLK day off from school. In his honor, we read all about Martin Luther King in William Bennett's, Children's Book of America. The concept of equality is higher level thinking but I think Emily understood quite a bit for her age.

To enjoy her day off, we went on a nature hike at Rob Fleming. Emily found out that she really enjoys taking pictures! So, I guess I get to be in more of them! We had a nice walk in the woods..
David found lots of sticks and enjoyed fighting bears... see video for more detail, directed and produced by our own Emily. Yes, it was silly.