Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quality Time with Pop-Pop

Pop-Pop has a very impressive collection of Pop-Up books. All his grandkids love reading these books with him and mine are no exception. I'm glad they got to have this time with him.

Kings Mountain

Last Summer, we visited Kings Mountain, but since it was pouring down rain we were only able to visit the museum. This year, on January 2nd, we went back to Kings Mountain so we could hike the battle trail. The kids had been briefed by watching our Kings Mountain video and were very excited to play soldiers in the American Revolution. All along the trail, they would run up ahead and hide behind the trees. When we came into sight they would come running with their stick guns shouting, "boom boom boom." If it ever comes up on a history exam, our kiddos KNOW that Kings Mountain was the truning point of the American Revolution... because they've been there!

Stacey's Baby Shower

We planned a surprise baby shower for Stacey and it was a lot of fun being so secretive and sneaky....
She thought she was going shopping...

but when Stacey walked into Kathy's house... we were all gathered together and shouted "Surprise!!!!"

It was so much fun.

Stacey with her nieces. Aren't they all pretty in pink?

Smooch! Cousin kiss.

For one of the games, we gathered newborn pictures of the Nelli kids and grandkids and had everyone try to guess who was who. It was not easy! But goodness, what a bunch of adorable babies. We can't wait to meet Stacey and Steven's newborn.

And the Big Box was just for show... It held a gift card from all of us. It's really fun to be sneaky. ;-)

Snow in North Carolina

We travelled to North Carolina on December 27th and we were really excited to find snow on the ground!

Chris couldn't wait to show the kids how to make a snowman.

There wasn't a ton of snow to work with... but when you are from Texas, a snowman of any size is really exciting! Isn't he a cute? Nonna gave David a carrot for his nose.

And David donated his hat to the cause too.

Christmas Day

Emily sang at the Christmas Eve mass again this year and we were able to celebrate Christmas Day at home. I made them pose in front of the tree before I would let them open any presents... that's mean of me isn't it. Look how excited they are! Actually, they opened their big gifts on Christmas Eve... cameras for the big kids. They were so excited about these cameras! Lia got her big gift on Christmas - a princess scooter! Lucky girl.

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Tree and Little Elves

We got our tree up once Daddy got home from his travels. This picture was taken on December 19th. Emily and David did most of the work decorating the tree this year. It was funny to hear Emily critiquing David's work. I heard her say, "David, quit putting all the ornaments on the same branch!"

We had an abundance of gold garland so Emily went a little crazy on the stairs and bannisters. The kids called our living room their "Christmas Island" and were so pleased with it. Tis the season!

Christmas Showcase

Our homeschooling group puts on a big Christmas show full of singing, dancing, and other talents. The kids put on most of the performances but many of the families join in too and it is a great event. We were sad that Chris missed this event due to his travels but made the most of it. Before things got started, my David took this sweet picture of me and Lia. He loves to use the camera!

Our preschool group sang Jingle Bells. David is the 3rd kid from the left. They are all shaking jingle bell bracelets and having a ball. It was really cute.

You can see Emily singing in this one. She just dearly loves singing all the Christmas carols and loved being a part of this event. She was also able to perform in an Irish dance with her Pickwick group a little later in the show.

December 9th - St. Dominic Center and Christmas Showcase Rehearsals

I remember December 9th being a very busy day! We started the morning by visiting the retired priests at St. Dominic center. The kids sang some Christmas carols, made homemade Christmas ornaments and passed out some goodies. Here they are singing Silent Night.

After St. Dominic Center we had a rehearsal for the big Christmas Showcase with our homeschooling group. For some reason, there was some snow left in the park. I guess it was brought in on a truck and dumped...? We don't ever get snow here... so the kids had a ball playing in it. What a surprise!

And here they are practicing their carols. It was a beautiful day.

Nana and Grandpa's Creative Gifts

Nana and Grandpa gave the kids some really great gifts and they couldn't wait to tear into them! Emily wanted to get started on her mosaic jewelery box right away. (She would have torn into it the night she received it but her mean Mommy made her wait till the next day.) She knew exactly what she wanted to do and stayed very focused until it was done. Here is my very proud daughter with her original creation. She even hauled it to North Carolina in her carry-on... Good thing b/c she got some jewelery for Christmas while she was there.

It came out really pretty!

David chose to put his lego truck together first. He enjoyed following the directions to assemble his truck and liked driving it on the road map as we read the story together.

He was also really excited to decorate his race cars. The sticker sheets had great name decals for the cars like Turbo and Speed... David enjoyed picking out their names and decorating them. Lia looks pretty interested too, doesn't she?
Here they are!And little Lia was very excited to decorate her doggy's accessories and pretty pink carrier purse. She had definite ideas where she wanted all the stickers to go and enjoyed doing her project, "all by my own self."

So cute!

Thank you Nana and Grandpa!!!