Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Valentine Box Project

Our homeschooling group has a big Valentine Exchange party each year with roughly 100 kids attending. The kids were very excited to decorate their Valentine boxes this year. Emily and I made a trip to the craft store to pick up plenty of supplies and she was very excited to begin. She finished hers first... and I must say it came out really nice! The flowers were a nice touch.

Emily helped Lia to put her name on her box. Then we just let her go to town with all the stickers we bought. This little girl loves stickers!

Here is David painting on his glue and covering his box with red paper. He was very serious about his work!

And the decorating process... Emily and I did our best to pick out some "boy" stickers that he might like. We got animals, sports, and stars. He seemed pretty happy with our selections.

And this ended up being the picture we selected for our family Valentine cards. I missed sending out Christmas cards again this year but made up for it with Valentines! And I was able to sneak in thank you notes for wonderful Christmas gifts as well. Double duty is good.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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  1. I loved our Valentine's's still on our refrigerator. David you are too cute in this last picture!!