Monday, March 28, 2011

Nonna Updates

Successful surgery!

(from last night)
Mom's surgery just ended (after 2.5 hrs). The doctor said it went well - he feels he got all of both tumors. He took a CT scan post-op and it looks fine. Mom will have an MRI in the morning, as well. She will be in the surgical ICU tonight. Other specialists will see her beginning tomorrow. The doctor said preliminary analyses of the tumors suggest they metastisized from the lungs.

(from this morning)
Mom was semi-awake this morning and they said she had a good night. When we came back for the 12 visit, they have removed her tubes and she was awake and able to talk. Her head was hurting and they gave her pain meds, which made her sleepy. At least we got a good 30min visit. She was able to move well, speak clearly, and recognized everyone.

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