Sunday, March 20, 2011

Painting Pottery

Emily and Elle got together at this new pottery place for some creative fun. They selected pottery pieces to paint. Emily picked an angel and Elle selected an I love Mom coffee mug. These two girls love painting and crafts so you can imagine they really enjoyed this outing.

Here is Emily's angel in the beginning stages.

Once your pottery is painted, you can leave it to be fired. A piece of pottery that has been fired in the oven is very shiny and I would guess waterproof... in the case of a coffee mug. But, my sweet girl didn't want to part with her angel so we just took ours home. Here are the girls posing in the lobby. The big smiles imply they had a pretty good time.

And I took this picture today of Emily's finished product. And yes, our azaleas are going nuts right now. They are so beautiful!

Up close, you can see her angel is smiling.

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