Monday, March 28, 2011

Stacey's update

My sister-in-law Stacey arrived in Gastonia today to help out Nonna and Pop-Pop. If I ever need medical attention, she is the nurse I want looking after me. I'm so glad she is there to help. Here is her update:

Dad and I have settled in for the evening after visiting with Mom in the Surgical ICU. We came home to a great dinner Cheryl made for us. Yummy!! Mom was alert and able to recognize every one even calling them by name. She still has difficulty with recall of certain events and date/time. However, once reoriented to such details she is able to correct her recall. Both Dad and Jeanne Marie feel she greatly improved from their noon visit. Since this was my first assessment of her I had no previous findings to compare, but I am very pleased with her recovery thus far. Generally, she is in stable\good condition and the SICU MD is planning to transfer her to a step-down unit tomorrow. She will be there for at least two more days. This will allow more open visitation hours. I will keep you all updated with an email in the evening once returning from the hospital, but feel free to call me with any concerns or questions.

My goal for tomorrow is to begin plan of care for Mom which involves planning for discharge. I can complete this task by working with the case manager assigned to her new unit once transferred. I am also hoping to meet with more specialist to address the other MRI/CT findings.


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