Thursday, April 7, 2011

David's Handwriting and Drawing

My handwriting practice session with David last about 5 minutes. Maybe less. I generally ask him to make me 4 capital letters and 4 lower case letters as we work through his handwriting book. Then he copies a short word two times and if that goes well, he copies another short word two times. This is all I can get out of him. We are pretty consistent about doing this every day and he has made a lot of progress. If I push him too far... he throws the pencil. If left on his own, he would crumple up his work and throw that too. We had tried the Draw Write Now book several months ago and just found it to be too frustrating for him to folow the simple drawing lessons. The other day he did remarkably well with this drawing of a hen. His work is above and I am pround to say he needed no assistance from me.

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