Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Communion Dress

We found Emily's first communion dress at Dillards. She tried on three dresses and this was her favorite, hands down. It wasn't terribly expensive at $65 and we are hoping Lia will wear it one day as well. Due to a conflict with a family wedding, we had to change her first communion mass to Sunday, June 12. That Sunday happens to be Pentecost Sunday, which is when we celebrate that God sent us all the Holy Spirit. How appropriate. I got Emily the book called, The King of the Golden City, after reading my friend Blair's blog. Emily read the book straight through and then proceeded to read it over and over again over the next few days. Yesterday, I went over some of the study questions with her to see if she understood the symbolism used in the parable... She doesn't really care to "talk" about books. Too much discussion annoys her. Imagine her Mommy rolling her eyes at this. So she filled out the questions on her own and proved to me she understood it beautifully. Now if I can just get my hands on it... I can finish reading it myself!

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