Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little Flowers

Emily meets with her Little Flowers group each month on the 1st Friday. They study a saint and a virtue each time. If you are wondering, the virtue for this day was industry. They decorated aprons with flowers and got to take home their very own cleaning supplies. My Emily has been dusting like crazy ever since. Thank you to Blair for the picture! A funny side story... Emily's dust rag got really dirty because she decided to dust the top of our grandfather clock. She mentioned it must not have been cleaned in a really long time. I assured her I had never cleaned up there so it had likely been 6 years! Anyway, she had to wash her dust rag with soap and water and then she wanted to hang it out to dry. She then proceeded to make a make-shift clothles line with yarn strung between a couple of sprinkler heads in our front yard. Then she found some clothespins and hung it out to dry! Our sweet neighbors joked that there was probably a deed restriction about clotheslines in the front yard... but that they wouldn't report us.

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