Sunday, May 1, 2011

David's Wansky Go-Go Pictures

David has been doing a lot of drawing lately. "Wansky Go-Go" was this wierd word that David made up a long time ago. He liked to say it. He liked the way it rolled off his tounge. And then during Advent, David decided to draw the "Wansky Go-Go" creature he had obviously thought quite a bit about. So here you see David's Wansky Go-Go. He has probably drawn this creature 50 times. The colors change but the general snail shape stays the same. He told me that all Wansky Go-Gos are boys. The boy Wansky Go-Gos have the babies and all Wansky Go-Go babies are boys. The small creatures at the bottom of the page... those are the babies.

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