Sunday, May 1, 2011

Divine Mercy Sunday

The Sunday after Easter is known as Divine Mercy Sunday and this Image of Jesus is displayed in Catholic Churches around the world. I was on the ball this year. We watched the My Catholic Family video about St. Faustina and the Image of the Divine Mercy on Friday. We knew we would be going to church with David's Godparents and spending the afternoon with them.... so I found an easy craft for us to do with their kids from one of my favorite blogs, Catholic Icing.
I thought the girls looked pretty for church so I took their picture outside. Lia informed me she wants to grow her bangs out so her hair looks like Emily's. How sweet is that. So while it grows out... we will be wearing a lot of clips and bows.

And yes, this dress is great for spinning!

After lunch, the kids made a chair and blanket fort.

And we did our Divine Mercy Image of Jesus craft.

The two rays of red and blue symbolize blood and water. The blood is like the sacrament of the Eucharist or the blood Christ shed for us. The water is like the sacrament of baptism where our sins are forgiven and how Christ always forgives us when we are truly sorry. Lia wanted to do hers her own way... with rainbow and green glitter. Well... someone has always gotta be different.

I thought they came out great. They even say, Jesus I Trust in You.

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