Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Vigil - Las Cruces

I was honored to travel to Las Cruces for Easter this year to see my sister-in-law enter the Catholic Church. It is not often that I get to take a trip alone... so I really enjoyed this time to spend with Stacey and Steven. Also in this picture is Stacey's dear friend Cindy can Godchild, Charlotte. What a wonderful weekend!

Stacey and Steven will have their first child any day now! We are looking forward to welcoming Nonna and Pop Pop's 22nd grandchild, Anthony Borden Nelli.

Welcome, welcome! What a blessed day.

And meanwhile, at the homefront... Daddy and the kiddos indulged in some mighty large ice cream cones. Must be nice to get rid of Mommy every now and then. I always make them get the kiddie cones! :-) And true to her personality, Emily has her nose in a book. I hope she didn't get chocolate ice cream on the pages.

Later, I heard about the trips to Double Dave's for pizza and Shipley's donuts on Easter Sunday!

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  1. Funny the picture of the kids eating ice cream reminds me of Bill Cosby's "Dad is great...he gives us chocolate cake".

    Thanks so much for sharing Michelle with us!!! It meant a great deal to share such a special day with her!