Sunday, June 19, 2011

On Vacation: Morning Walks and Flowers

When we first arrive in Hawaii, our bodies are not quite on "island time." In other words, my kids get up at 6am. So we try really hard to be quiet (ha!) till the sun comes up so we can get out for a walk. Emily dearly loves all the flowers and was constantly on the lookout for ones to put in her hair or to decorate the dinner table.

Out for our morning walk.

I never get tired of seeing Lia holding hands with her Daddy.

Plumerias are our favorite flower. The pink ones are pretty...

but the white and yellow ones smell the best.

We didn't really want to encourage our kids to pick the flowers that were planted at the resorts because they are for everyone to enjoy... however... if they fall on the ground then they are certainly fair game.

We got to admire the NeNes too. They are Kauai's beloved geese.

We ended our walk at the resort called "The Cliffs." As you can see, David was excited to take his own pictures this trip. My Mom had said she saw a few whales when she first arrived. The whales are usually gone by May and I think she saw them on their way out because we didn't get to see one the rest of our trip... though we certainly looked for them.

And I was excited to get some great shots of my kids that day:

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  1. To bad the pictures of the flowers aren't scratch n, stiff. They are so pretty!!

    I feel I should say "cheese" when looking at David taking a picture of Michelle taking a picture :)