Saturday, July 9, 2011

Emily's First Communion - Church Pictures

Emily received her first holy communion on June 26, 2011 at the 11am mass. On the way to church, I asked her if she was nervous. She said, "No Mommy. Of course not. I have been waiting for this day my whole life! "
You can see her receiving from Father George here. I didn't take pictures during the mass, but another sweet family took pictures of all the kids and shared them with us. I am very thankful to have this picture.Emily shared her day with 4 other first communicants and Father George called them up to the alter to honor them. It was very beautiful. Abram, our God Child came to celebrate with us and we can't wait to see him receive next year.And look how big Baby Jude has grown! He is 4 months now and so happy. He was like the cutest table centerpiece ever in his bumbo chair and nonstop smiley face.Here is Emily with her Great Grandmother. We were so honored she could share this blessed day with us.

Lots of family came! My cousin Ben and his wife Andrea, Great Grandma, Aunt Elaine and Aunt Debbie are pictured here. And we got many more pictures at the reception.

Family picture!

And Emily's Godparents, Lowell and Cynthia, from Austin. What a beautiful day.

Emily's First Communion Cake

We had big plans for Emily's First Communion celebration and we wanted to make a special cake for the occasion. In my mind, I was thinking a simple white cake with a cross. Emily wanted a rosary... in the shap of a heart. I think we did pretty well. All 5 decades are there. Pearl sprinkles were lovingly placed for each and every Hail Mary and Our Father for each mystery.

Jazz Recital - Professional Pictures

The night of the big show, we were able to enjoy the performance knowing that we would purchase the video later so we could watch it again and again. I was absolutely thrilled to receive these professional pictures after the show. We were seated really far away and could never have taken pictures like this. And even if we could have... I would have missed watching it! This first picture is at the beginning of the song when everyone ran out on stage together.
Ms. Traci choreographed lots of stage entrances and exits. This part was really fun with the girls on their Daddy's shoulders.

Here is the Daddy solo. They were all jammin' out and the applause for their "number" was really loud! It was awesome.

Here are the Daddy's dancing with their daughters... a little swing number.

And the final pose. Bravo!!!!

Emily's Nana and Grandpa came out for the show. Our friends Peg and Emma came too.

I am so proud of Chris and Emily. Well Done!!!

Jazz Recital - Dress Rehearsal

Emily took Jazz I this year and was very excited to perform in her very first dance recital. Her dance was a Daddy/Daughter routine so they both had many practice sessions and were excited to rehearse on stage the morning of the show. It looks like their dance instructor, Ms. Traci is giving them the thumbs up sign. Their routine was choreographed to the Beach Boys, Surfin' in the USA. The Daddy's wore Hawaiian shirts and it was really fun.

Miranda's Graduation and Medical School Plans

May 21, 2001
Here is my beautiful and SMART cousin Miranda on the day of her graduation from The University of Texas at Austin. Not only did she graduate with an Honors Degree in Biology with Highest Honors... but she was the commencement speaker for her class.

She was also a Dean's Honored Graduate and received the Goldwater and Presidential scholarships!
When you are the commencement speaker, you get front row seating for your family at the Erwin Center. We felt so honored!Miranda plans to attend theUniversity School of Medicine in St Louis, MO for a Doctor of Medicine in the fall. And here we are singing the Eyes of Texas. Hook 'em Horns!

Friday, July 8, 2011

May 20 - Congratulations Tony and Leisa!!!

Congratulations Cousin Tony!Welcome to the family, Leisa! Just Married!!! - May 20, 2011
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Vacation Journal: Farewell Kauai

Oh sad day... time to go home. Due to our frequent flyer tickets we had separate flights from Lihue to Honolulu. Lia and I flew on Island Air. It is a tiny little plane and flies really low so you get amazing views of the islands. This picture was taken after we landed in Honolulu. Lia was a little nervous and big eyed about walking out on the tarmac to board and de-plane.

Try as I might, I couldn't get her to pose for me here. You can see our sticker project which kept us busy on the plane ride.

We reunited with Chris, David and Emily at the Honolulu airport. We had a pretty long layover there so we checked out the Chinese and Japanese gardens.

And while the kids ran around the gardens, my husband found the Kona Brewery Co. Restaurant. He thought that was a very nice place to wait for our next plane.

And Lia was more than happy to keep him company. That is a Mai Tai he is drinking. ;-)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Vacation Journal - Ridge Trail

This was our last vacation day and we wanted to get one more hike in. The ridge trail has some elevation gain but not like the Okolehao trail the day before. Here is Chris with the big kids on the trail.Everything was very lush and green.

Chris and Lia at the overlook. We had a picnic lunch here.

Cool flower.

Before we head home, we always wash our feet off in the river. It is very cold but feels great on your tired feet.

And the coolest part is that the river crosses the road here and you get to drive across it!

Vacation Journal: Okolehao Trail

When it finally stopped raining, Chris was ready to take the family hiking. Okolehao Trail is very close to my parent's condo and is one of our favorites. Here is a family picture at the trailhead. There is a stream that runs under this bridge. David would have been perfectly happy to drop leaves and sticks into the river and watch them float downstream... and just pass on the hike! This activity probably comes natural to children, but we always think of Winnie the Pooh and his game of Pooh Sticks from our read alouds.

Hiking sticks are very important. My Dad was sweet enough to save the kid's hiking sticks for them in his garage... the ones they picked out last year! By the way, this trail basically takes you straight up the mountain. It is hard work just to hike it... but my sweet husband likes this trail so much he actually pushes Lia up the mountain in her jogging stroller. I have no idea how he does this but he must burn about a thousand calories.

Nana and Emily had lots of quality time to talk on our hikes. They both enjoyed this time.

No... Chris isn't checking his email. He pulled up the GPS to see where we were on the mountain. Technology is pretty cool.

We remembered there were wild orchids on this trail from last year and were very happy to find a few. Emily always has the job of picking flowers for our dinner table each night and she takes this work very seriously.


We were proud to identify the Koa tree by its sickle shaped leaves. Koa wood is highly prized by the Hawaiians for its hardness and is used to make outrigger canoes, surfboards, hardwood floors, etc...

So yes, it is great excercise to hike up a mountain but the best part of working so hard is the view you are rewarded with at the end. You can see beautiful Hanalei Bay behind us. I also made chocolate chip muffins to enjoy at the top. The thought of those muffins kept us going as well.

Emily did her job well. She gathered a beautiful bouquet to take home.

Amazing Sunset

You could get spoiled here.