Friday, July 8, 2011

Vacation Journal: Farewell Kauai

Oh sad day... time to go home. Due to our frequent flyer tickets we had separate flights from Lihue to Honolulu. Lia and I flew on Island Air. It is a tiny little plane and flies really low so you get amazing views of the islands. This picture was taken after we landed in Honolulu. Lia was a little nervous and big eyed about walking out on the tarmac to board and de-plane.

Try as I might, I couldn't get her to pose for me here. You can see our sticker project which kept us busy on the plane ride.

We reunited with Chris, David and Emily at the Honolulu airport. We had a pretty long layover there so we checked out the Chinese and Japanese gardens.

And while the kids ran around the gardens, my husband found the Kona Brewery Co. Restaurant. He thought that was a very nice place to wait for our next plane.

And Lia was more than happy to keep him company. That is a Mai Tai he is drinking. ;-)

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