Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation Journal - Kilohana Plantation Train Ride

Our "big" event for this vacation was a train ride at the Kauai Plantations. We don't usually do a lot of "touristy" things because we are already familiar with the island and we like doing our own thing. However, I had never been to this plantation and I thought the kids would love the train ride. We arrived early enough for the 1:00 train to have a picnic lunch on the plantation grounds before boarding. We all gathered at the train depot and we were excited to hear the conductor call out "All Aboard!"

We chose to sit in the first car and had it all to ourselves. The rest of the passengers sat in the second car which was a little bit more open air but we enjoyed being right up front. Everyone looks excited!

Our conductor gave a great tour as we drove through the plantations and we got to see all the crops and fruit trees. We saw guava, pineapple, lichee, orange trees and avocados growing in neat and tidy rows. The best part though, was when we stopped to feed the wild boar and goats.

David is anxiously waiting for his bread. So are the animals.

I think my Mom liked this little goat.

Since they have luaus at this plantation, we wondered if these were the Luau pigs...? However, we were informed that these boar were simply pets of the plantation and that they had to purchase FDA approved pigs for the luaus. :-)

After taking care of business, we finished up our train ride. The boar were treated to some leftover pineapple and we were on our way. Aren't the mountains beautiful?

On our way out, we admired the gigantic hibiscus blooms. These were some of the biggest and most beautiful flowers I had ever seen.

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