Sunday, August 7, 2011

David lost his 1st tooth

It is funny to be blogging about events that happened two months ago. I'm so far behind! I took this picture of David on July 2nd and he had just lost his first tooth. He would lose his second tooth later that month. I can't remember exactly, but this tooth was loose for at least a month before he lost it. And there was a whole week where it was just dangling in there. I didn't think he would ever lose it. Well he did... literally. It fell out while he was playing outside and he literally lost it in the dirt. And by golly, if you don't have a tooth to put under your pillow... you are out of luck around here. Luckily, he did better with the second tooth as I will tell you as I chronologically update this blog.

He is still loving his duck pajamas I got him when he turned 5.

Big boy!

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  1. How cool!! However, the tooth-fairy should have been more understanding about losing his tooth. I guess the economy has been hard on everyone ;)