Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nelli Beach Week 2011

All 22 Grandchildren Present!!!

Nelli Beach Week is something we look forward to all year. This year, we made our annual pilgrimage without Nonna. It was difficult for all of us to see Pop Pop sad and missing her but amazing to see the legacy she left behind. All 22 of their grandchildren were present this year, including sweet 2 month old baby Anthony. We got every last one of them on the steps of our beach house for this amazing picture. Little Lia pitched a fit and didn't want to be in the picture. (It was the end of the day...) She wouldn't let me set her down. So if you look close near the bottom step, you can see my shoulder and an extra set of legs that don't belong to a grandchild. I held her and did my best to hide behind her! It would have been a shame for her to be the only grandchild missing and I am grateful we were able to include her.
From the top: Pop Pop, Drew, Stephanie, Cheryl, Nate, Austin, Garret, Nick, Patrick, Emma Daniel, Katie Gray holding baby Anthony, Lexi, Jed, Madison, Olivia, Emily, David, Christopher, Annaliese, Lia and Ainsley

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