Saturday, September 24, 2011

Emily's Birthday at the Children's Museum

Emily wanted to go to the Houston Children's Museum on her actual birthday.  We met up with my friend Kim and her kids.  I only got a few pictures at the end when they were playing outside at Flow Works.  It was a really hot day and even though we waited till after 5:00 to go outside, it was just barely comfortable in the shade!  Luckily there were $1 popsicles and we all enjoyed that very much.

The kids really enjoyed watching this huge bucket fill up... and then dump out!

And David could have stayed here for hours.  Chris says when he was a little boy, he would make boats and float them in his yard after heavy rains, in the ditch by his driveway.  Seeing David play like this reminds him of those happy memories growing up.

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  1. Water Works looks like such fun and cool. David need a motorized boat from Santa this year to play with in the pond just down the street.