Monday, November 21, 2011

More Week 12 CC pictures

A sweet Mom posted some more pictures from our last Classical Conversations day for the year.  Here is David's class.  They sure look happy!  From Left to Right:  David, Madeline, Carly, Tori, Melody, Elizabeth, Lily and Sebastian

David's TinWhistle recital.  They played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

And Emily's class played Mary had a Little Lamb.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Party

Yesterday, we went to our homeschooling group's Thanksgiving feast.  We had a nice turn out of several families and a beautiful sunny day for our celebration.  It isn't easy to round up this many kids but here are most of them.  Many dressed as Pilgrims and Indians... you can see this by looking at the hats!  The small groups coordinated to provide an activity and everyone brought something to share for our feast.  You can see my kids making their Turkey hands below.  This is such an awesome and easy activity to provide.  Markers and paper is all you need.  The kids were happy to do the rest:

Emily is decorating a cookie here.  She looks pretty happy doesn't she?  That's because she ate it about 5 seconds after I took this picture.  :-)

Bobbing for apples.  I was also glad to see the kids eating the apples too!

And dancing!  Christina and Scarlett do an awesome job every year of coordinating the dancing.  Each girl partners with a boy and they stand boy/girl/boy/girl in the circle.  The kids hold hands and circle around.  Then the boys and girls alternate going into the middle and clapping, bowing, and curtseying.  The there is the best part of spinning with your partner.  It is such a sweet way for the boys and girls to interact.  And as you can see from the video:  They love it!

I spent most of my time videoing the older kids because they caught on to the dance very quickly.  It is sweet though, to see the little ones giving it their best too!  (but I can't get the video to upload!)  I will keep trying...

Friday, November 18, 2011

David's Latin

While I was getting dinner ready, David was very busy at the table writing this scripture verse in Latin.  He was asking me for help to spell the words... but the sequencing was all his.  He doesn't understand that English doesn't translate directly word for word into latin... the order is often mixed up a little.  He did learn that there is no translation for articles 'a', 'and', and 'the,' so he didn't have any problem skipping these.  There are quite a few mistakes but I am completely impressed he wanted to try it in the first place!  He will learn the correct translation next year, verse by verse, in Latin like we learned it this year, verse by verse, in English.

Here is the English, (if you want to check his work)
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  This was with God in the beginning.  All things were made through him; without Him nothing was made that was made.

And the correct Latin:
In principio erat Verbum et Verbum erat apud Deum et Deus erat Verbum
hoc erat in principio apud Deum
omnia per ipsum facta sunt et sine ipso factum est nihil quod factum est

Lango Fiesta

Lango is the Immersion Spanish class David and Lia have been attending while Emily and I go to our Essentials (Writing and Grammar) class.  They dance, sing and play games in Spanish and I can honestly say they have a lot more fun than we do!  Since this was our last week, they got to have a 2 hour Fiesta.  One of the Moms was sweet enough to share her pictures so the rest of us could see what we missed!  Thank you Bernadette!

 Here is Lia taking a turn at the pinata!  She is barefoot because she got in the car without shoes and her frazzled Mommy didn't notice till we got to campus.  You can get away without shoes at age 3.  It only makes your Mommy look bad.  (sigh)

Pin the tail on the donkey.

Tissue Paper Flowers.  Lia wore hers all day!  So pretty.

Homemade tortillas!

And authentic clothing.  This was a lot of fun for the kids!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halfway through Classical Conversations

We completed a milestone today!  The kids finished their 12th week of Classical Conversations which means they are half way through and that we get a break till next year!  I am so proud of them and all they have learned.  They have given weekly presentations to their class, memorized a part of the Gospel of John in English with hand motions, memorized all the latin words in that part of the Gospel of John (they will recite John in latin next semester), memorized their times tables for the 1s through the 15s plus the squares and the cubes, memorized all the states and capitals, many grammar terms and several conjugations of irregular English verbs, 12 important dates in US History set to song, facts about their body systems, not to mention... lots of drawing lessons and music theory as they were introduced to the tin whistle!  Can you tell I am so impressed!  We practice our memory work every day and they really know their stuff.  To continue the praise, David and Lia completed 12 weeks of their immersion Spanish class, Lango, and have completely inspired me to learn right along with them.  They are dancing and singing in Spanish every day because the CD is so much fun to listen to.  (It really is.)  Emily completed 12 weeks of her history based writing class through the Institute of Execellence in Writitng (IEW) and has completed 12 incredible writing assignments and learned a ton of grammar through the Essentials of the English Language curriculum.  She thinks diagramming sentences is actually kind of fun... (a good challenge anyway, which is good for her)

Well done kids!!!!

Each week at CC, as they learned about their anatomy, the kids colored various organs in their body and had their bodies outlined on butcher paper.  Today, we "assembled" their bodies with all their important parts.  Here is David putting his heart in his body:

Here is his finished product.  You can lift many of the parts to see what is underneath.  It was really fun to put it all together.

And here is Daivd with his buddy Sebastian... and their bodies behind them!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saint Presentation for the Seniors

Yesterday, our kids were able to give a short presentation on their favorite Saints to the Seniors at our church.  It was a great opportunity to dress up and share all they have learned and I think the seniors really enjoyed it.  Here is our crew getting ready to go inside:

David told me I didn't need to go up with him.  This is pretty impressive for the boy who couldn't give a presentation at all back in August.  The weekly presentations he has given at Classical Converstations have done wonders for his confidence.  The seniors expecially liked his 'dragon head' tied about his waist and he even showed them how he slayed the dragon with his sword!

And Emily as Blessed Kateri did a great job with her presentation as well.  Great job kids!

Farewell, Mr. Sloper!

Last week a reception was held to honor Mr. Sloper, our church's choir director, for all his hard work and dedication to our music ministry.  He is retiring for health reasons and he will be missed dearly.

Halloween 2011

Here is our gang in their "secular" Trick or Treating costumes.  David is a knight.  Emily is an Amazon Warrior.  And little Lia was a witch's kitty cat.  Lia continues to be crazy about cats so I was thrilled when we found this 'Children's Place' costume at a local consignment shop.  It couldn't have been more perfect for her.  She pretends to be a my little kitty cat every day.  She "meows" throughout the day and melts my heart when she says, "Purr..., Kitty's Cat's happy."  They are wanting me to hurry up and take this picture so they can get going!

Here they are in action!  And if you could hear me in the background... you would hear me saying, "Don't forget to say thank you!!!!"  We are very blessed to live in such a nice neighborhood.  The kid's enjoyed visiting with all their neighbors and of course, getting so much candy!

Look at that face!

Uncle Mario, Rest in Peace

I got to visit with Uncle Mario at Nonna's funeral.  We will miss him!  May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

All Saints Party

We were very excited to attend the All Saints Party at Tim and Wanda's farm again this year.  There was an amazing turnout with over 90 kids dressed as Saints.  David was St. George and the Dragon again this year.  He picked out some fancy armor this year to upgrade his costume but I think he soon tired of carrying around so much bulk.  The helmet, chest plate and shield were ditched pretty quickly.  Emily, not to be outdone by her brother, selected a female warrior so that she could carry around fancy armor as well.  Can you guess who she is?  St. Joan of Arc, of course.

Lia chose to be an angel again this year but this time she was more specific.  If anyone asked, she would say, "My name is Lia.  I am 3 years old and I am dressed as St. Raphael."  (The Arch Angel, of course)

As you can imagine, the tire swing was very popular!  Emily headed straight for it when we arrived.  Can you tell it was a beautiful afternoon?

We brought a picture of Nonna holding David as a baby for the All Souls chapel.  Kneelers were provided to the children so they could say a prayer for all those who have died.

Here is Lia and her friend Cecelia.  They are showing me their St. Patrick shamrocks painted on their hands.  Each family is asked to sponsor a game or activity honoring the Saints.  The children have a great time going from game to game and trying to complete them all.

And Lia in St. Peter's Boat.  It looked like such a good photo opportunity.  I couldn't resist.

David's Outing with his Godparents

Stan and Peg (and family) took David on a really fun birthday outing.  What a lucky boy!

David's Football Picture

David played football for the first time this fall.  He played on a YMCA league and his team's name was the Saints.  It was a great eperience for him and he really enjoyed it.  Coach M drilled the boys really hard at practices and we were so proud of all his hard work.  It isn't easy staying focused for a whole hour at practice but David really gave it his best.  The Saints ended up winning all their games this season and David got to take home a football signed by all his teammates as a great memory.  We will definetly play again in the spring.  He looks kind of rough and tough in this picture, doesn't he?

Lia Bear

I think I was hanging out with Lia on this day while the rest of the family was at David's football game.  I remember she was playing all by herself and having such a great time dancing that I wanted to get a little video.  Unfortunately, I was unable to sneak up on her and take it.  When she saw the camera, she wanted me to take a picture and not a video.  I took the video anyway.  :-)

At the end of October, we got a little cool weather and had fun digging through Emily's old clothes and hand-me-downs.  I was happy to find a pair of Emily's old jeans and we both loved Emma's polka dot shirt with it.  It is fun to be a girl!

Happy 6th Birthday David!

We decorated David's cake right before his party.  Our annual tradition has been to celebrate his birthday at a local park that has live music on Sundays in the fall.  This year we were joined by his Grandparents, Godparents and buddy McCoy and his family.  Now the cake itself was a beautiful red on the inside.  The icing however, was more difficult than I realized to dye red.  Apparently, you need a TON of red food coloring to get to a nice red color.  David was not too happy with the pink result of the red food coloring and the white icing... so he decided to add a little yellow and go for an orange hue.  The result wasn't exactly pink... or orange... but it was pleasing enough to David so we stopped there.  I would like to think it had a burnt orange look about it.  ;-)

Here is David with his Samurai castle from his Grandparents.  Yes, he was very happy with this gift!  The hand at the bottom of the picture was Emily's.  She was happy with this gift too and had a difficult time keeping her hands off of it!

And the Happy Birthday Video:

David's Birthday Cake

Here is a scene of very important work.  David requested a red cake with red frosting for his birthday.  I thought the easiest way to accomplish the "red cake" part would be to make a Red Velvet cake mix.  I didn't realize just how red the batter would be and this is the reason why my son is not wearing a shirt.  I knew the birthday boy would want to excercise his birthday right to lick the bowl while the cake was baking.  And I knew my boy would not be neat and tidy about this privilege!  So yes, there should be a picture of David with red cake batter all over his face, and his chest, and his arms... but really I was too busy cleaning up the mess and I was also a little grossed out that he looked like he had blood all over his face.  That batter is something else! 

Health and Science Museum (Oct 13)

We usually ditch school to celebrate a birthday... The kids think this is great but I don't think they have caught on to the fact that when we visit a museum we are still learning!  At Classical Conversations, they have been learning human anatomy each week.  They are in the process of making a life-sized model of themselves with all their organs... pictures to come!  That in mind, I thought a visit to the Health and Science Museum would be a good fit.  Lucky for me, Thursday is their free day for families.  Even better, due to the academic nature of the museum, there were only a few other families there!  As an aside... I will NEVER go to the free day at the Children's museum again.  I am flashing back to the hundreds of people waiting to get into the museum at the direction of a man with a bullhorn!  Anyway, there was hardly anyone here so we had the run of the place!

In this area, there was a short (ultra-high speed) x-ray video of a baby's skull growing and changing as its baby teeth came in and were then pushed out by its permanent teeth.  This was fascinating to David and Emily who are currently going through this process!

I think it is hilarious that this giant mouth has a chipped tooth.  See anyone inside?

 Yes, that is my youngest... by the large brain.

There was also an exhibit of dressed up skeletons.  The one Lia wanted her picture taken with was supposed to be Cinderella.

In the lobby of the museum were a bunch of brain teaser games.  My kids wanted to spend the bulk of our time here.  We were able to solve Challenge 1... but had to take a picture to work on Challenge 2 at home.

We enjoyed this museum, especially since our admission was free!  The movie, Planet You, was too scary for Emily and we had to leave before it ended.  The movie was about the germs found on your body... and the super magnified images of lice and the like gave her the creeps.  It was pretty creepy but fascinating all the same to me.  It didn't bother David a bit, but he indulged his sister in leaving.  The reason we didn't go to the museum on David's actual birthday, (the 14th), was because it wasn't free on that day and because the kids had their small groups with our home school co-op on that day.  At Pickwick, Emily made a beautiful rosary and at Catholic Boys club, David learned about St. Francis of Assisi and made a wormery.  A wormery, if you were wondering, is big jar of sand and mud filled with worms.  If you took proper care of them, you could watch them make tunnels.  I say "If" because I wasn't paying attention when my children were in the back yard.  They thought the wormery needed to be muddier so they added more water and then they capped it.  Well... the worms all drowned or died for lack of oxygen... I'm not sure.  But the next day, they were floating in about 2 inches of water.  Eewww.  The other interesting thing was watching my boy grab for those worms.  He didn't think twice about grabbing them.  I mean really, he just reached right into the tub of worms like he was picking up a rubber band and thought nothing else about it.  Boys.