Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amsterdam, Rijks Museum and Outdoor Market

My Mom and I utilized our time in Amsterdam very well.  We hit the "top tourist" destinations and walked the entire city center from all directions.  It has been a month since our trip so I realize I need to write about these things because the details are already getting hazy. 

Here is the high level:
Friday:  Arrival, Canal Orientation Tour 
Saturday:  Van Gogh Museum
Sunday:  Church and Anne Frank House
Monday:  Rijksmuseum, Outdoor Market
Tuesday:  History Museum

After my visit to the Rijksmuseum, I can now say with an air of snootiness... that absolutely nothing compares to seeing an original Rembrandt or Vermeer.  These paintings are amazing in person.  No reproduction can capture their beauty.   My favorites are below:

After the museum, we checked out the Albert Cuypmarkt... an outdoor market.  It was really neat to see cheese being sold outdoors.  We were able to score some delicious smoothies here too for about 1.5 Euro.

And a nice picture of me and my Mom exploring the city.

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