Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halfway through Classical Conversations

We completed a milestone today!  The kids finished their 12th week of Classical Conversations which means they are half way through and that we get a break till next year!  I am so proud of them and all they have learned.  They have given weekly presentations to their class, memorized a part of the Gospel of John in English with hand motions, memorized all the latin words in that part of the Gospel of John (they will recite John in latin next semester), memorized their times tables for the 1s through the 15s plus the squares and the cubes, memorized all the states and capitals, many grammar terms and several conjugations of irregular English verbs, 12 important dates in US History set to song, facts about their body systems, not to mention... lots of drawing lessons and music theory as they were introduced to the tin whistle!  Can you tell I am so impressed!  We practice our memory work every day and they really know their stuff.  To continue the praise, David and Lia completed 12 weeks of their immersion Spanish class, Lango, and have completely inspired me to learn right along with them.  They are dancing and singing in Spanish every day because the CD is so much fun to listen to.  (It really is.)  Emily completed 12 weeks of her history based writing class through the Institute of Execellence in Writitng (IEW) and has completed 12 incredible writing assignments and learned a ton of grammar through the Essentials of the English Language curriculum.  She thinks diagramming sentences is actually kind of fun... (a good challenge anyway, which is good for her)

Well done kids!!!!

Each week at CC, as they learned about their anatomy, the kids colored various organs in their body and had their bodies outlined on butcher paper.  Today, we "assembled" their bodies with all their important parts.  Here is David putting his heart in his body:

Here is his finished product.  You can lift many of the parts to see what is underneath.  It was really fun to put it all together.

And here is Daivd with his buddy Sebastian... and their bodies behind them!

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  1. I have three college degrees and don't know all the above....Michelle, I wish you lived closer!!!