Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday David!

We decorated David's cake right before his party.  Our annual tradition has been to celebrate his birthday at a local park that has live music on Sundays in the fall.  This year we were joined by his Grandparents, Godparents and buddy McCoy and his family.  Now the cake itself was a beautiful red on the inside.  The icing however, was more difficult than I realized to dye red.  Apparently, you need a TON of red food coloring to get to a nice red color.  David was not too happy with the pink result of the red food coloring and the white icing... so he decided to add a little yellow and go for an orange hue.  The result wasn't exactly pink... or orange... but it was pleasing enough to David so we stopped there.  I would like to think it had a burnt orange look about it.  ;-)

Here is David with his Samurai castle from his Grandparents.  Yes, he was very happy with this gift!  The hand at the bottom of the picture was Emily's.  She was happy with this gift too and had a difficult time keeping her hands off of it!

And the Happy Birthday Video:

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  1. I would totally call that a Longhorn cake, football and all. However, Uncle TeTee would rather it be NC State RED!!