Sunday, November 13, 2011

Health and Science Museum (Oct 13)

We usually ditch school to celebrate a birthday... The kids think this is great but I don't think they have caught on to the fact that when we visit a museum we are still learning!  At Classical Conversations, they have been learning human anatomy each week.  They are in the process of making a life-sized model of themselves with all their organs... pictures to come!  That in mind, I thought a visit to the Health and Science Museum would be a good fit.  Lucky for me, Thursday is their free day for families.  Even better, due to the academic nature of the museum, there were only a few other families there!  As an aside... I will NEVER go to the free day at the Children's museum again.  I am flashing back to the hundreds of people waiting to get into the museum at the direction of a man with a bullhorn!  Anyway, there was hardly anyone here so we had the run of the place!

In this area, there was a short (ultra-high speed) x-ray video of a baby's skull growing and changing as its baby teeth came in and were then pushed out by its permanent teeth.  This was fascinating to David and Emily who are currently going through this process!

I think it is hilarious that this giant mouth has a chipped tooth.  See anyone inside?

 Yes, that is my youngest... by the large brain.

There was also an exhibit of dressed up skeletons.  The one Lia wanted her picture taken with was supposed to be Cinderella.

In the lobby of the museum were a bunch of brain teaser games.  My kids wanted to spend the bulk of our time here.  We were able to solve Challenge 1... but had to take a picture to work on Challenge 2 at home.

We enjoyed this museum, especially since our admission was free!  The movie, Planet You, was too scary for Emily and we had to leave before it ended.  The movie was about the germs found on your body... and the super magnified images of lice and the like gave her the creeps.  It was pretty creepy but fascinating all the same to me.  It didn't bother David a bit, but he indulged his sister in leaving.  The reason we didn't go to the museum on David's actual birthday, (the 14th), was because it wasn't free on that day and because the kids had their small groups with our home school co-op on that day.  At Pickwick, Emily made a beautiful rosary and at Catholic Boys club, David learned about St. Francis of Assisi and made a wormery.  A wormery, if you were wondering, is big jar of sand and mud filled with worms.  If you took proper care of them, you could watch them make tunnels.  I say "If" because I wasn't paying attention when my children were in the back yard.  They thought the wormery needed to be muddier so they added more water and then they capped it.  Well... the worms all drowned or died for lack of oxygen... I'm not sure.  But the next day, they were floating in about 2 inches of water.  Eewww.  The other interesting thing was watching my boy grab for those worms.  He didn't think twice about grabbing them.  I mean really, he just reached right into the tub of worms like he was picking up a rubber band and thought nothing else about it.  Boys.

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  1. Must be boys...worms creep me out!! I bet David would adore reading that book, "Worms for Dinner". I think that's the title.

    What a fun day!!