Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lia Bear

I think I was hanging out with Lia on this day while the rest of the family was at David's football game.  I remember she was playing all by herself and having such a great time dancing that I wanted to get a little video.  Unfortunately, I was unable to sneak up on her and take it.  When she saw the camera, she wanted me to take a picture and not a video.  I took the video anyway.  :-)

At the end of October, we got a little cool weather and had fun digging through Emily's old clothes and hand-me-downs.  I was happy to find a pair of Emily's old jeans and we both loved Emma's polka dot shirt with it.  It is fun to be a girl!


  1. Lia Bear you have gotten to be a beautiful girl filled with much joy. Tall too. I adore your polka dot shirt too!!

  2. Should have put "grown to be". Lack of sleep can really twist the mind!!