Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mass for Nonna, Our Lady of Sorrows (Sept 15)

After Nonna died, some incredibly sweet friends of ours arranged for a mass to be said for the repose of her soul.  (Thank you so much, Beverly and Gordon!)  We were able to attend the mass on September 15 and were honored to bring up the gifts.  When I was planning lessons, I noticed this day was the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.  This was very appropriate for the day and I incorporated a lesson and craft for the children after mass.

For the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, we made a ribbon of Mary's seven sorrows and discussed the sorrows in her life.  We also took some time to discuss our own sorrows... such as losing Nonna and our hopes that she is in a better place.  Now that it is November, I can honestly say this lesson stuck in my son's mind.  When we were reading the bible and got to the Flight of Egypt, he reminded me that it was one of Mary's sorrows and I was very proud of his memory!

Since I entered the faith kind of later in life... I have really enjoyed learning along side my children.  Mary's seven sorrows are:  The Prophecy of Simeon, The Flight into Egypt, The Loss of the Child Jesus in Jerusalem (Lia likes to say... he wasn't lost... he was just in church!), The Meeting of Our Lord on the way to Calvary, The Standing at the Foot of the Cross, The Taking Down of Our Lord from the Cross, and The Burial of our Lord.  I knew of these sorrows from praying the rosary and from the stations of the cross... but I was not aware of the details of this feast day and was very happy to learn something new.

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