Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pre-School for Lia

I bought this new pre-school curriculum for Lia called the Catholic ABC's and Emily got her hands on it the day it arrived.  She read through it non-stop for about 3 days and then insisted that we start because, "Lia is 3 now... and she has a lot to learn!"  The book has a unit for each letter, with a fun craft to reinforce Catholic themes.  There are songs to sing, learning games, and as you can see below, fun snack ideas.  So I told Emily to get it all together and we'd hold pre-school on the weekends.  She was so motivated and excited about this that I would not be surprised if she decides to be a pre-school teacher later in life.  It was very sweet to see her want to make this happen for her sister.

1 comment:

  1. So exciting for Lia Bear..preschool can be such fun. So glad Emily is encouraging Lia to make learning fun! It always helps to have peer support even at three....everyone needs a cheer group...GO LIA!!!