Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saint Presentation for the Seniors

Yesterday, our kids were able to give a short presentation on their favorite Saints to the Seniors at our church.  It was a great opportunity to dress up and share all they have learned and I think the seniors really enjoyed it.  Here is our crew getting ready to go inside:

David told me I didn't need to go up with him.  This is pretty impressive for the boy who couldn't give a presentation at all back in August.  The weekly presentations he has given at Classical Converstations have done wonders for his confidence.  The seniors expecially liked his 'dragon head' tied about his waist and he even showed them how he slayed the dragon with his sword!

And Emily as Blessed Kateri did a great job with her presentation as well.  Great job kids!

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  1. What is the saint's name in the large white hat? I can't figure it out.