Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Party

Yesterday, we went to our homeschooling group's Thanksgiving feast.  We had a nice turn out of several families and a beautiful sunny day for our celebration.  It isn't easy to round up this many kids but here are most of them.  Many dressed as Pilgrims and Indians... you can see this by looking at the hats!  The small groups coordinated to provide an activity and everyone brought something to share for our feast.  You can see my kids making their Turkey hands below.  This is such an awesome and easy activity to provide.  Markers and paper is all you need.  The kids were happy to do the rest:

Emily is decorating a cookie here.  She looks pretty happy doesn't she?  That's because she ate it about 5 seconds after I took this picture.  :-)

Bobbing for apples.  I was also glad to see the kids eating the apples too!

And dancing!  Christina and Scarlett do an awesome job every year of coordinating the dancing.  Each girl partners with a boy and they stand boy/girl/boy/girl in the circle.  The kids hold hands and circle around.  Then the boys and girls alternate going into the middle and clapping, bowing, and curtseying.  The there is the best part of spinning with your partner.  It is such a sweet way for the boys and girls to interact.  And as you can see from the video:  They love it!

I spent most of my time videoing the older kids because they caught on to the dance very quickly.  It is sweet though, to see the little ones giving it their best too!  (but I can't get the video to upload!)  I will keep trying...

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