Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting Ready for Advent

We decided to make our own advent candles again this year.  Ready-made purple and pink candles tend to have a floral scent, which we don't like, so we buy plain white unscented candles and try to represent the purple and pink creatively.  Last year, we tied colored colored ribbon around them and that worked well... but I wanted to try something new this year.  On Catholic Icing, I had found a post about melting crayons and then painting plain white candles.  We have lots and lots of crayons lying around here so that sounded like a good plan.  Here's what we did:

We peeled and chopped purple tone crayons and put them in an empty tuna fish container I had saved.  The Tuna tin was to be my 'disposable pan' so I didn't have to ruin one of good ones.  The smart Mommy over at Catholic Icing always has the best ideas!

Then I put my makeshift pan over low heat on our stove.  The crayons melted beautifully.  Eventually, I figured out to put a cookie sheet over the burner and then place the tuna tin on that so I had a flat surface.  That worked much better.

Very carefully, and working quickly with a cheap paintbrush, Emily painted our candle with the melted purple wax.  The lessons I learned, however, is that you really need to keep the melted wax warm over the stove as you work.  If you don't, the wax starts to harden very quickly and then you can't paint with it very well.  You can heat it back up a few times but eventually it stops working.

So... Emiy did the first candle and I did the rest because I didn't want her working by the stove.  This isn't really a good kid craft.  It is more like a 'frugal' Mommy craft because you can get plain white candles at Walmart really cheap.

Here is our finished product with greenery from our front yard.  Thank you kids!

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  1. Wow, the candles really turned out pretty. Each one is so different.