Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Dinner at Pop Pop's House

Our family gathered at Pop Pop's house on December 28th to have the annual Christmas Dinner.  It was a beautiful, cool, sunny day and we were all able to enjoy being outdoors and the cousins were able to toss the football around.  We joked that it felt like we were out on the beach with all the folding chairs.  This was our first Christmas without Nonna and her presence was certainly missed when it came to figuring out how much meat to buy, where everyone would sit, and how to get all the food out on time.  That said, everyone in the family pulled together to make this meal a success and it was very joyous.  KG planned the seating, Tom cooked all the meat, many prepared appetizers and desserts, and everyone ate till they popped!  Pop Pop was very happy because he knew Nonna would want us all to be together enjoying our family.  And we did!

Stacey and Steven gave Pop Pop a Twin #1 shirt to wear with his grandson, twin #2.  Their baby pictures look amazingly similar as you can see below.

Here is a picture of 4 generations.  Pop Pop, his son Rob, his grandaughter Cheryl, and great grandaughter Aliyah.  What blessings!

My kiddos were very smitten with baby Anthony.  They could not get enough of him.

Anthony with his Mommy Stacey, and Aunt Cortney.  If you look closely, his bib reads 'Stud.' 

David and Uncle Rob.

 Emily and Uncle Tom

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  1. These are great family pictures to be treasured forever along with being in the family calendar :)