Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Eve

This year, Emily sang on Christmas Eve with the choristers.  We came home and had our Christmas dinner and Emily ran around the house putting baby Jesus back into all of our nativity sets.  She hid baby Jesus at the beginning of Advent because we are supposed to be "waiting" for Him to come.  So what a joyful night it was to celebrate His birth!

We also opened our stockings and christmas presents on Christmas Eve because we would be travelling to North Carolina on Christmas day to visit Pop Pop and family.  Chris always stuffs the stockings and I'd say he did very well getting Lia a Hello Kitty coloring book and stickers!

Unfortunately, if you are the designated stocking stuffer, either your stocking doesn't get stuffed or you have to stuff your own.  Chris chose to stuff his own.  The kids are anxiously looking to see what Daddy got himself:  chocolate covered almonds!  Might as well get yourself the good stuff!

And walkie talkies!

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