Sunday, January 1, 2012

Playing Shop

Emily's Math Assignment

The kids stayed busy with their school work right up to Christmas.  Emily has been working on a money unit in her math book and I really liked the enrichment activity.  We made "shop" cards to create a pretend store where we could go shopping and Emily could practice making being cashier and making change for her sibling's purchases.  The kids had a ball going through the newspaper ads and selecting all sorts of things to buy.  We glued each item on a square piece of paper to make up our shop inventory.

Lia kept a little purse handy to put her money and "treasures" in.  She is eagerly picking out something she wants here.

I would have liked to use all real money... but I just don't have stacks of cash lying around!  So we used real change and I printed out some play money for the bills.  Here is our register.

Here is David trying to figure out what to buy.  They usually start out with $40.00... but they get more cash if they run out.

Here is all the stuff Lia bought:  Candy Land, squinkies, Christmas lights, a gum ball machine, a Bop-It game, pizza rolls (she was hungry), and a strawberry shortcake toy.  Do you think this is what she would really buy if I set her loose with cash at Walmart?  By the way, from a math teacher perspective, I love that Walmart always has such wacky prices like $14.86.  It is easy to make change for $9.99, especially if you pay with a ten dollar bill.  But goodness, $20.00 - $14.86 makes you think!  The kids wanted to play this every day for a while and it was fun to watch Emily improve every time.

And David picked The Smurfs video (he affectionately calls it the Squoosher Movie), peanut butter and avocado (he was hungry), Christmas Lollipop decorations, a baby walker (???), and what he called boy jewelery.  So silly.

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  1. Rule #1 to shopping David...Never go shopping on an empty stomach!!

    I'm shocked Lia wasn't the one buying avocado!