Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aunt Stacey and Cousin Anthony!

Chris went on a big trip to China and Thailand in early February so I was very lucky to have my sister-in-law and nephew come and visit while he was away!  The kids were so excited to have their baby cousin to play with.   They set up a play area for Anthony with just about every pillow in the house so he wouldn't fall down and hurt himself.  They brought out all their toys and did everything they could think of to make him smile and laugh. 

Lia is being a Mama Bear here.
Bedtime Craziness!

Happy Anthony - So fun to have a baby in the house again!

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  1. Love the updates! And yes, I am glad to hear you met Erin! We met just the week before she moved, but it was nice to get to experience CC with her there before she left. We are continuing the program with just the one other family, but enjoying it!