Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fire and Ice Volcano

I am a bit tardy updating my blog.  We are already well into February and I haven't posted since the first of the year!  David received this Fire and Ice volcano kit from Tony and Leisa.  It is the coolest kit ever!  We found the traditional eruption experiment with baking soda reacting with vinegar to work the best.  The second experiment called for club soda which was difficult to find at Walmart.  I found it at Kroger in the liquor section but when we went to open it... it exploded all over me, the table, the floor... and then the eruption using this "key" ingredient wasn't the least bit impressive so we are never buying club soda again!  Yes, rant.

All ready to go!

The Super-Cool Ice volcano.  The base lights up so it glows in the dark!

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