Sunday, March 18, 2012

KG's letter to Emily

KG wrote Emily this super-sweet letter and I was lucky enough to see her read it and then see her eyes light up when she processed that she was being asked to be a part of her wedding.  Emily looked at me and said, "Can I?"  And of course, I said she could.  After thinking about it a little while, she then asked if she should wear her 1st Communion dress and I chuckled a little and then told her that one of the best parts about being the bride is getting to choose all of the dresses for the wedding party.  I also told her not to worry because KG has fabulous taste and she will pick out a beautiful dress and flowers for her to carry.  And even better, her cousin Ainsley will be the other flower girl so they will have an awesome memory to share together.  We are very excited for the big date next October!

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