Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Palm Sunday Craft

Inspired by this craft at Catholic Icing, we got messy turning our foot and hand prints into a Palm Sunday donkey with palms.  The kids did a great job making this craft their own and we loved that Emma could join us for the fun!

Easter Basket

Look at this sweet Easter basket that Emily made for Lia.  Chris took her to our church's annual Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and she came home with all kinds of goodies.

Easter Visit to St. Dominic Center

We visited the retired priests with our homeschooling group on Wednesday, March 24th for an early Easter celebration.  The kids made Easter crafts to give to the priests and put on quite a little performance for their entertainment.  The kids recited poetry, played the piano, sang and one sweet boy even put on a magic show.  Emily sang a duet with Michelle just like last year.  I think they really enjoyed it!

Nichole's Shower

My Mom and I were able to attend this lovely baby shower for my cousin Nichole on Saturday, March 24th.  It was held at Chocolate Angel in Richardson and was probably the fanciest tea party I have ever attended.  Nichole's guests were encouraged to wear fancy hats and accessories.  After seeing all the creativeness... I wish I had tried a little harder!  Ok... I wish I had simply worn a hat.  Any hat!  Ahh... next time.

My cousin Nichole announced her baby boy will be named Mason!  Her son Max is counting down the days.  It will be fun to see him as big brother.

I was very glad to see my Grandma!

And even better, I got to hang out with my Mom for this fun road trip.

Natalie, Leisa and I are all smiles.  It is so enjoyable to be fed fancy food and have time to visit!

I found this picture of the tea room from the web site.  We certainly felt like Fancy Nancys.

We continued the family visit at Abuela's for dinner and I got this picture of Max being silly.  He is so stinkin' cute.

My Aunt Val sent her hat home to Emily who was thrilled to receive the gift.  She got out her fancy Chinese wrap from China to complete the look.  It is fun to be a girl!