Saturday, May 5, 2012


On Thurday mornings we go to AcroKidz class which is held in a big warehouse full of equipment for dryland diving training.  Coach Christine teaches our kids techniques they could use for diving in the big pool later... which translates into big fun as they do gymnastics and tumbling, bounce on olympic sized trampolines, and bounce off real diving boards onto big padded mats.  She usually sets up some sort of obstacle course for the first part of class... where the kids work on their balance, practice their tri-pod headstands and cartwheels, and work on hand/eye coordination.  Lately, she has had a bean bag launcher that you stomp on with your foot, which tosses the bean bag in the air for the kids to practice catching.  Lance, a classmate, jokes that this should be called Eye/Hand/Foot coordination. 

Here they are practicing tuck jumps on the mini trampoline.

Emily has perfected her tri-pod headstand.  David just tumbled over in this picture.

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