Saturday, May 5, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was about a month ago so I will do my best to remember what happened!  Emily had to be at church at 7:30 in the morning for rehearsal before the 9am mass so we were all up extremely early that morning.  Good thing the Easter baskets were waiting downstairs.  The kids were too excited to think about how tired they were and came rushing downstairs!  David's Godparents gave him the super sweet "duckling" and I had to put it in his Easter basket because it looked so cute there.

 Getting everyone to church was so crazy that I didn't get to take pictures till later that afternoon.  Clearly, the kids were no longer in their Easter clothes.... David appears to be half-naked here but I asked him to take his shirt off since we were dyeing Easter eggs.  They look excited don't they?

Here they are!  Chris kept asking which one he could have for his dinner salad.  The girls didn't want to give any of their eggs up, but I think David donated one of his to the cause.

Happy Lia.  Emily was sweet to let her wear her apron.

And for dinner, I made the ham glaze from my Barefoot Contessa cookbook.  I thought mine turned out just as pretty.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a garnish quite like the one in the book... but it tasted good!

Happy Easter!

(So glad the Easter season is 50 days long... because technically, I can still say Happy Easter even though it is May 5!  Yes, it is good to be catholic.  Let the celebration continue.)

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