Saturday, May 19, 2012


I've got math covered.  We use Singapore Math and it works very well for us.  Math is easy for me to teach.  We always start our school day with math and are very consistent about it.  Singapore Math is logical and progresses slowly and methodically.  The teacher's guide shows me exactly what to do and I have enjoyed teaching David with this program starting at the Kindergarten level and seeing how it progressed to the third grade level for Emily.  I have enjoyed all the suggestions for using manipulatives so my kids can really visualize what they are doing.  We spend a lot of time counting cubes, seeing how many cubes are needed to make a ten, grouping tens and breaking them apart, etc...  We have enjoyed playing all the games to reinforce their skills.  It is funny how your can get out a deck of cards and some dice... and somehow math is not so boring anymore... and my kids want to play till they win!  David and Emily learned to sing all their times tables in Classical Conversations so they breezed through all the multiplication units.  I'll admit that chanting the sixes to determine that 6x7=42  (6,12,18,24,30,36,42...) is different than the way I learned... but if you chant the sixes enough times to recognize that 6x7=42 then eventually you just remember it without the chant just like you would with flash cards.  What I have noticed, is that all this number chanting has given them a very good knowledge of factorials and we haven't studied that yet.  David can tell me that 12 is in the 2 chant, the 3 chant, the 4 chant, and the 6 chant.  So overall, good training for the brain.  Singapore Math seems to be one semester ahead of public/private school so even though Emily will start her 4th grade year at level 3B, she is still on track.  David, on the other hand is really far ahead.  Technically, he has started 2nd grade level math in the 2nd half of his Kindergarten school year.  I have moved really slowly making sure he understands all the concepts and he is just chewing through the material so we just keep going!

David's PreK4 School Year
Completed EarlyBird Kindergarten A, Fall 2010
Completed EarlyBird Kindergarten B, Spring 2011

David's Kindergarten School Year
Completed Primary Mathematics 1A, Fall 2011
Scheduled to complete Primary Mathmatics 1B, Spring 2012
Math-It for drill

Emily's 2nd Grade School Year
Completed Primary Mathematics 1B, Fall 2010
Completed Primary Mathematics 2A, Fall 2011
Math-It for drill

Emily's 3rd Grade School Year
Completed Primary Mathematics 2B, Fall 2010
Scheduled to complete Primary Mathematics 3A, Fall 2011
Math-It for drill

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  1. I do wish I learned my times tables via chanting...I might still know them.