Tuesday, May 8, 2012

South Shore Visit

We drive by Southshore Park at least two times a week and my kids have been asking to go there for years to see the sea serpent, or what Emily calls the "leviathon." We have lived in this area for 7 years now and we have never been to this park for the primary reason that there is not a parking lot or easy way to access it.  So finally, after years, I decided that we would finally do it.  We parked in the extremely nice East Shore neighborhood and walked the hike and bike path to access the park.  It was a beautiful day and I discovered my new camera takes great pictures using the landscape setting.

Here we are... kind of trespassing on the grounds of these swanky condominiums, on our way to the hike and bike trail access.

And here is the sea serpent we have seen so many times from Woodlands's Parkway.  How awesome to finally stop and enjoy it!

The zoom on my camera works pretty well.  The kayakers like to paddle around the sea serpent and grab his tounge.

The kids were excited to finally get to climb the tower.

"Hey Mom, Look at me!"

And here we have a boy under the bridge.  Guess what he is doing?  He is making little boats out of sticks and seeing how far they will float.  He did this for about an hour.

Pretty place.  Beautiful day.  Leviathon conquered.  Check.

Driving around East Shore I found this house.  Here is the front and back.  The kids and I decided it was our favorite of all the beautiful homes in the neighborhood.  I went home and found it online.  It is available for the bargain price of 2.3 million.  And yes, it is perfect inside too.  It even has a library.

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