Saturday, June 30, 2012

Anini Beach

I am going to finish blogging about our vacation!  My tardiness in adding my updates is on account of vacation bible school, a spanish camp, finishing math books, teaching Lia to read, and oh yes... going to the pool!  It is summertime.  :-)

I will continue with our visit to beautiful Anini beach.  The kids love to play in this spot where a little stream finds its way to the ocean.  Emily is working on a project to re-route the water and I believe David is making a drip castle.  When we arrived at the beach, Lia had just dozed off in the car so I let Chris and my Mom and Dad take the kids down to the beach while I watched Lia... or rather, I joined her by taking a little nap myself.  This is how I found my the rest of my children when we woke up and wandered down the beach.

Very busy!

Lia, Chris and I took a little walk down the beach.  She has her pink pail for finding treasures.

Emily went for a little swim...  It was a gorgeous day.

Pretty picture... interesting tree.

Now what are they doing?

Remember the little stream?  Well, there were lots of little guppies swimming around in there.  And... it is great fun to catch them!

And now what are they doing?

Anini beach is one of the only beaches on the island where you can find Ni'ihau shells!  Once you get your eye trained... you can pick them out from all the other rocks and shells.  Most Ni'ihau shells are found on the island Ni'ihau which is know as the 'forbidden island' and they are used to make intricate shell necklaces.  Since the shells are so tiny and hard to find and difficult to string, these necklaces are quite pricey.  I read that Captain Cook received a Niihau lei when he visited the Hawaiian Islands, which he called the Sandwich Islands, in the 1700's.  Here is a very cool picture of our collection.  We were able to identify our specific Ni'ihau shells on this website

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  1. What a wonderful time at the beach. My favorite treasures are the pictures ;)