Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nounou Mountain Trail

Chris told the kids for weeks before our trip that they better get ready for some hiking!  This year, Lia had to grow up a little because her Daddy decided she was too old to be pushed in the jogging stroller.  Chris picked this hike for our warm-up because it is a short easy walk (less than a mile) with just a little elevation gain and a nice picnic table and view at the end.  Emily looks excited and ready to go here at the trail head.

The trail starts off with a short walk behind some residential homes and past some fields with horses.

Then you cross a really cool bridge...

And head into the jungle!  As we were walking, we could hear fruit falling from the trees about every 5 seconds.  These were strawberry guava trees and obviously, the fruit was very ripe.  It was all over the ground and we had to constantly swat away the fruit flies.

Here is our big girl Lia who is NOT in the stroller!  Slow and steady was her motto this trip.  She did great and was quite the trooper.

The secret to trail-blazing is to wear the right kind of hat and to find the perfect hiking stick.

Here is the lookout... which means time for a snack!  When you do a lot of hiking, you hear a lot of this:  "I'm hungry!"  We kept the kids fueled with mixed nuts, apples and pretzels.  If we really need them to work, cookies work brilliantly too.

And here was our view:

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  1. Wow, what a great hike with amazing views. Lia Bear you look so tiny next to that big bridge. Emily you rock those sunglasses and David you look so much like your dad with that cool hiking hat.