Monday, July 30, 2012

Aloha Gear

There is always a free hula show at Coconut Grove Market Place on Wednesdays to attract shoppers.  Well it worked.  We did some shopping and bought the kids some Aloha gear.  The girls got matching dresses and David picked out an Aloha shirt.  David *LOVES* this shirt and is so proud to wear it and show everyone that the volcano on his shirt is Diamond dHead and that the flowers are plumerias and orchids.  It is a little big on it but that is awesome... because I think he will love to wear this shirt for the next few years!

And again, my story on this vacation was trying to get all three of my children to simply smile together for the camera.  David absolutely refused to cooperate.  If the camera came out, he stuck out his tounge and struck some very silly pose.  I think I will have to use the photos to blackmail him in the future.

See... my girls can smile pretty for the camera.

Here they are checking out the souvenirs they "HAD" to have.  They each got a small glass miniature as a keepsake.  I think they were a turtle, a whale, and a gecko.  What a mistake this was!!!  Do not buy your children something that they dearly love that is made out of glass.  They will drop it and it will break and then they will be heartbroken and tears will fall and you will have shattered glass pieces on the floor.  Learn from my mistake, please!  Yes, these souvenirs lasted about 3 hours.

We really enjoyed the free hula show though.  Lia loves to show us how to hula.  I got a video of it too!

And dinner that night was a special treat.  Nana and Grandpa treated to pizza at our favorite pizzeria.  The kids are happily playing with their not yet broken glass miniatures at the table.  Ahhh... this was the life.

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