Friday, July 13, 2012

Kamokila - Ancient Hawaiian Village

This year we were excited to visit Kamokila, an ancient Hawaiian village, for the first time.  Our tour guide, Ilima, told us that this villiage dates back to the 1600's.  While the grass huts have been recreated in the traditional style, the stone structures have not been altered or moved.  Here is Emily by a tiki statue.

This was the medicine-man's hut.

The dining room where the men and women ate separately.

This stone didn't appear to be anything special until a hurricane rolled it over and exposed carvings of  a whale and what appears to be a seat.  It is believed the princesses may have sat here to have their hair brushed.  Here is the article about it.  Our tour guide Ilima, is the one who made the discovery after the storm.

A broken heart?  Ilima told us these stones marked the boundaries of the village.

Hawaiian hierogliphics...  A messenger man.

The birthing stone.  Hawaiian women would squat between these two stones while in labor.  The ti leaves would cushion and bless the baby.

And apparently one of the hawaiian princesses loved peacocks and had them brought over for pets.  This one was showing off for us.

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