Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kuilau Ridge Trail

By the day of our Kuilau Ridge Trail adventure, the kids were all hiking professionals.  I think they even had their preferred hiking sticks in the trunk of the minivan.  The Kuilau Ridge trail starts at the Arboretum and you'll soon see why it is one of our favorite trails.

Lia got a hold of a hiking hat (we only have two) and was very cheerful at the start of the trail.  She wanted her picture taken to show that she meant business.

And look who else was all smiles for the camera.  Looks like David got hat #2.

And Lia is holding the reason why this trail is so much fun.  There are wild raspberries growing all along this trail and it is a very fun scavenger hunt to find them.

Here is a  beautiful example of the perfect raspberry.  A red berry is not the only requirement.  The berry must also be very plump to be sweet.  I love the way they stand out against the green.

Now Emily and Chris raced to the lookout and picnic tables while the rest of us took the trail at a more leisurely pace... read David and Lia's enthusiasm wore off.  However, we all made it to the picnic table to partake in our reward snack and enjoyed the trade winds (Hawaiian air conditioning) at the lookout.

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