Monday, July 9, 2012

Okolehao Trail

Another trail...?  So far, we've got the guava and fruit-fly trail, the raspberry trail, the endless black rock and ocean trail... so what is this trail all about?  Okolehao trail is the one where Emily finds wild orchids, David likes to drop sticks over the bridge and watch them flow down the river (Pooh Sticks anyone?) and best of all, we always have chocolate chip muffins at the end while we enjoy the lookout under the huge Cook pinetrees.

Heading into the jungle...  It's a little "scary".

At the top of the mountain with a bag of muffins!  Isn't it annoying that I make them smile for the camera before they can eat?

And the view from the top!

And the girls with their flower collection.  Good job!

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