Saturday, July 7, 2012

Power Line Trail

Chris wanted to do some hiking on this trip and hike we did!  Here is my fashionista child at the trailhead for the PowerLine Trail.  Powerline trail is over 13 miles and you can access it from Princeville or the Arboretum.  We probably only hiked a mile and generally just make sure we don't hike further than we want to return on the way back.  Luckily, the trail wasn't very muddy.

Here is what the trail looks like at the beginning.  It looks like a dirt road that proceeds into the depths of the jungle.

David was interested to see this dumped car.  I think it was the only picture he posed for that day.

There are beautiful mountain views all along this trail.

My beautiful girls dressed all in purple!  Note the hiking stick and hiking hat.  Emily is a professional.

Grandpa found this wild hibiscus and gave it to Lia as a 'surprise'.  She looks pretty pleased with her gift.  I like the way it matches her bow.

We actually pulled over on our drive back home to take this picture because it was so beautiful.

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