Friday, September 7, 2012

Cousin Camp, Lazy Five Ranch

After the theater, we headed out to the Lazy Five Ranch!  We arrived too later for the last wagon ride but Pop Pop sweet talked the staff into providing one more wagon ride for us.
Annalies always looks after Lia.  I love them in these dresses together.

A little stinky in the barn!

Group shot:  Jed, David, Christopher, Olivia, Annalies, Lia, Charlotte, Ainsly, Pop Pop

Sweet baby goats.
 We have gone to the Lazy 5 Ranch in years past and I always notice that most of my pictures end up being of the backs of my children's heads as they feed the animals.  I tried this year to get them to turn around more!

This guy tried to grab Lia's bucket!

It is very exciting to be in a horse-drawn wagon!

Feeding the giraffes has to be the highlight every year.

My picture-taking is interrupting someone's meal.

There's a rhino back there.

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